07 Mar 2018

Luna’s Grimoire

Luna’s Grimoire is one of the largest spiritual/new age lifestyle and wellness websites. It started in 2012 as a research project and over five years, grew to a following of one million people, from all over the world.

The Problem:

Luna’s Grimoire started off as a spiritual project that delved into Wicca and New Age. Over the years, the founder and chief contributor felt like the branding and core content wasn’t representative of what they believed in and what they wanted the brand to stand for.

The Solution:

Luna’s Grimoire needed a new brand, a new website and a new approach to the way they engage their users and community. An audit was done on their overall business strategy and approach to content, as well as their ability to transform the brand from a £1000/year hobby into a £100,000/year business. A new website, new content plan, mobile app development and a complete rebrand are a part of this ongoing project.


The new brand was the first part of this project, since the old logo, while done well, no longer represented the next stage of the brand’s life. The logo is a composite symbol of a water droplet, a sprouting leaf and a spiral. The symbol leaves room for the imagination and allows the brand ambassadors to give it new meaning, like one customer who said it looked like a music symbol.

New Luna’s Grimoire Logo Symbol